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Coach­ing for Entre­pre­neurs, Part­ner­ship Pro­fes­sion­als & Consultants


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Partnerships Readiness Assessment

Dura­tion: 45 min | Price: free

You would like to grow your busi­ness cap­i­tal effi­cient­ly with part­ner­ships, but don’t know where to start?
This ser­vice eval­u­ates your readi­ness for enter­ing or expand­ing in the world of part­ner­ships, ensur­ing you have the goals, expec­ta­tions, and resources need­ed for success.


Expert Guid­ance for Your Business

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Dura­tion: month­ly sub­scrip­tion
Price: start­ing at $2,500/month

This ser­vice is a retain­er-based sub­scrip­tion with­out a long-term com­mit­ment. You receive a month­ly con­tin­gent of con­sult­ing hours to access advi­so­ry services.

Month­ly con­sult­ing is ide­al for you when you just start with part­ner­ships or you need a spar­ing part­ner to opti­mize your exist­ing part­ner program.


Dura­tion: 3–6 months
Price: start­ing at $9,900/month

Con­sult­ing project usu­al­ly take 3–6 month. Con­sist­ing of and ini­tial assess­ment, strat­e­gy or pro­gram con­cept and exe­cu­tion.
Before the end of the first month we meet for a deci­sion point and you can decide if you want to continue. 

A con­sult­ing project is ide­al for you when you are deter­ment to build a effi­cient part­ner­ships orga­ni­za­tion and want to pro­ceed quick­ly with expert guidance.

Fractional CPO

Dura­tion: 6+ months
Price: start­ing at $14,900/month

Engage­ment of 6+ months as a Frac­tion­al Part­ner­ships Offi­cer. Dri­ving cap­i­tal-effi­cient growth through part­ner­ships. Build­ing and exe­cut­ing a sus­tain­able Part­ner­ships Strat­e­gy and Part­ner Operation. 


Dura­tion: approx. 90 min­utes
Price: $297

Are you strug­gling with one spe­cif­ic top­ic and need imme­di­ate help? You can book a SpotAd­vice ses­sion to get your prob­lem solved.